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24.03.14 print red24 Launches New Product Recall Website
red24 has launched a new website to highlight its extensive range of food and drink product recall and advisory services.

17.01.13 print Express kidnapping on the rise in South and Central America
Express kidnappings increased by more than 60 percent in Quito, Ecuador, according to red24's Threat Forecast.

15.11.12 print HSBC renews contract with red24
red24 will continue to provide a range of travel safety and identity theft prevention services to some of HSBC's customers.

27.07.12 video Head of Special Risks at red24, Jack Cloonan, comments on the shooting in Colorado
Cloonan discusses profiling and investigation methods used by the FBI.

10.07.12 print Who stole Scotland's first ever coins?
red24 is assisting with the investigation of Lord Stewartby's stolen coin collection.

10.07.12 print News Insurances reports red24 appointment of Robert Peasgood
Peasgood will be Head of Business Support.

05.07.12 print red24 appoints Head of Business Operations
Robert Peasgood will help to develop and direct red24's strategic plan in addition to managing all commercial, operational and general business functions.

29.05.12. print Our Head of Special Risks Jack Cloonan spoke to Agenda, Financial Times
Cloonan commented on the paying of ransoms.

22.05.12 print red24 appoints new crisis management expert to head up German team
Christopher Schramm will head up KRE team in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

12.04.12 video red24 appears on Radio Five Live
Lee Niblett discusses the kidnap threat in Pakistan and beyond following death of a British hostage.

12.04.12 video red24 consultant appears on BBC One Show
One of red24's kidnap response consultants talks to the BBC about kidnapping for ransom, the negotiation process and the legal and ethnical issues surrounding it.

11.04.12 print red24 appointed by CNA to provide advice and emergency support for KRE
CNA, the seventh largest US commercial insurance carrier, has chosen red24 to assist with KRE crisis management.

04.04.12 print Strategic Risk mentions red24
Kidnap for ransom is a growing global threat, says red24's CEO Maldwyn Worsley-Tonks.

04.04.12 print Continuity Insurance and Risk Online mentions red24's list of top ten kidnap threat areas
The top ten list is of greatest relevance to foreign nationals or local individuals of high-net worth.

04.04.12 print Hiiraan Online mentions red24
The online news source discusses red24's list of top ten threat areas for kidnap for ransom.

04.04.12 print Kidnapping now multi-billion dollar industry
Insurance Insight comments on red24's list of top ten threat areas for kidnap for ransom.

02.04.12 print Top 10 kidnap countries named by red24
Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq are the top three countries on the list of threat areas for kidnap for ransom in 2012.

25.03.12 print Head of Special Risks, Jack Cloonan, comments on the shooting of Toulouse gunman
“I believe there is another Mohamed Merah out there who will want to copycat this,” says Cloonan.

22.03.12 print Jack Cloonan discusses the shootings in Toulouse, France
Head of Special Risks at red24, Jack Cloonan, comments on the stand-off in France.

21.03.12 video Head of Special Risks, Jack Cloonan, comments on the negotiations with Toulouse gunman
Jack Cloonan speaks live to France 24 about the ongoing negotiations with Mohamed Merah.

11.03.12 video Our head of corporate intelligence discuss the global kidnap threat
Lee Niblett live on BBC Radio 5 'Double Take' on 11 March 2012.

16.02.12 print red24 identifies 2012 danger zones
International Adviser mentions red24's Threat Forecast 2012.

16.02.12 print Jack Cloonan discusses the kidnap risk of high net worth individuals
Head of Special Risks at red24, Jack Cloonan, speaks to International Adviser about the kidnap risk of high net worth individuals.

03.02.12 print red24 Threat Forecast 2012
red24's Threat Forecast 2012 mentioned in Re:locate Magazine.

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