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Who We Are

Please note that as of 1 September 2016 the company name of RISQ Worldwide Pte Ltd will change to red24 Pte Ltd. RISQ Worldwide Pte Ltd was acquired by red24 Plc on 1 July 2015, to become part of the red24 group of companies. Read more.

red24 is a risk management company delivering a range of products and services to businesses, organisations and individuals around the world. We have an unparalleled reputation for assisting clients in minimising risks to their personnel, operations and profitability. Furthermore, we have in-house customer service, analyst and crisis support departments that are available to assist clients around the clock. We have offices in London (UK), New York (US), Cape Town (South Africa), Munich (Germany), Singapore (Singapore), and Hong Kong (China). In addition, red24 has a global network of multi-disciplinary vetted consultants.

Our services include:

  • Travel safety and risk management
  • Kidnap for ransom and extortion, as well as piracy, resolution and mitigation
  • Food and non-food crisis management and recall
  • Cyber security, identity theft and fraud assistance
  • Corporate investigations, due diligence, HNW services and employment background screening

For a full list of our responsive and proactive crisis management and risk mitigation services, please view the Our services page.

red24 operates a 24/7 Crisis Response Management (CRM) Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, which coordinates our activities across the globe and is available at all times to assist clients. red24's CRM Centre is both ISO 27001 (2013) and ISO 9001 (2015) certified; these are international standards in Information Security Management and Quality Management systems respectively.

red24 is part of red24 plc, which is listed on London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market (AIM).


The company was formed in 1999 with the primary aim of providing corporate risk management services under the name ARC Risk Management Group plc. red24 was created in 2001 with the purpose of providing online security risk management and personal security services. ARC Risk Management was listed on the AIM on the London Stock Exchange in 2002, but in March 2007 the group changed its name to red24 plc due to the growth of these core activities. red24 completed the acquisition of RISQ Worldwide on 1 July 2015, providing red24 with an established presence in the Asia market and allowing red24 to seek to develop and expand RISQ Worldwide's suite of corporate investigation, due diligence, employment background screening and High Net Worth (HNW) risk mitigation services to red24's global client base.

Since the beginning, the wellbeing and safety of our clients have been our priority. Throughout the years of operation, we have built strong teams and consultant networks across the globe.