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red24 has a comprehensive and highly skilled team of professionals located across the globe - ensuring that the service we provide clients, members and shareholders is always of the highest standard.

Maldwyn Worsley-Tonks MBE


Maldwyn is the red24’s CEO and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company and the management team.

Maldwyn has over 30 years of experience in the military and security sphere. Prior to joining the commercial sector, Maldwyn spent 20 years in the British Army, serving in a number of locations around the world. He retired as Lieutenant Colonel, having commanded a battalion in the Parachute Regiment. Maldwyn was awarded an MBE in 1990 for his service in Hong Kong, where he oversaw border security and coordinated humanitarian relief efforts for regional crises. Since his move into the commercial sector, Maldwyn has acquired substantial expertise in examining and improving corporate security philosophies, procedures, systems and processes. He has an unparalleled reputation for developing robust contingency plans for business, particularly in terms of crisis management and evacuation contingencies.

Prior to joining red24 in 2003, Maldwyn operated as an independent risk management consultant, providing a number of high-profile multinationals with risk assessment audits and security advice. He has extensive experience of Russia and West Africa, in particular, and of the tobacco, pharmaceutical and mineral extraction industries.

Nick Powis

Head of Operations

Nick Powis is the Head of Operations for red24 and is responsible to the CEO and Board for the coordination and quality assurance of all red24 service sales and delivery. Nick has over 20 years’ experience in the management and delivery of frontline security risk and crisis management services, ranging from integrated programme risk management in post-conflict zones through to bespoke corporate crisis consultancy, analysis & emergency response.

After an early career in the British Army, Nick held a series of appointments over 12 years with a multinational protective security services group, which included Regional Director for South America in Bogota and Global Director Operations in London. In the last eight years Nick has served as a kidnap crisis responder & Director Operations for a leading kidnap response team. He joins red24 from the broker Marsh Ltd, where he was the Global Crisis Consultancy Director.

Jack Cloonan

Head of Special Risks

Jack Cloonan is the head of red24's Special Risks team. He is a retired FBI Special Agent and former president of Clayton Consultants. He has substantial experience in crisis management, law enforcement and anti-terrorism. He was the senior case agent on the FBI New York Office Bin Laden Squad, and participated in the investigation of and response to the bombings at Khobar Towers, the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the USS Cole and New York's Twin Towers (9/11). Since entering the commercial arena, Jack has cemented his position as one of the world's foremost kidnap for ransom experts.

Jack has supervised more than 145 kidnap cases and manages a team of 15 retained consultants. Jack has dealt with cases globally; although his primary area of focus is the Americas, he also has extensive experience in locales such as Iraq, India, and Afghanistan. In addition, Jack has assisted with conducting pre-incident exercises, crisis simulation training, and the review of crisis management plans. Jack recognises the essential need for good working relationships with red24's business partners and delivering first-class service.

Eric Smith

Head of Food Safety and Product Recall

Eric Smith heads up our red24assist product, which specialises in providing advice, support and response in the product safety and recall sector, with specific expertise in the food and drink industry. Eric has vast experience in crisis management in the food industry. During the past 30 years, he has carried out numerous assignments across the world, linked to standards for the meat and food industry. A former senior lecturer at the University of Salford, Manchester, Eric taught in the areas of food safety, food auditing, food control, epidemiology, food law and development of quality systems for the food industry. He has experience auditing and instructing a number of industry-related government bodies.

A specialist in meat safety and product recall, Eric worked closely with international government officials during the BSE crisis in Europe in 1996; he also has extensive experience in China, the Americas, Africa and Scandinavia.

Neil Thompson

Head of Crisis Response

Neil Thompson is responsible for coordinating and managing all crisis responses. Neil has over 30 years of UK law enforcement experience. He retired as Detective Superintendent in charge of operations for the National Crime Squad (NCS) where he was responsible for the planning and coordination of both overt and covert police operations against major organised criminal elements. He is a trained hostage negotiator and has substantial expertise in kidnap for ransom and extortion operations. In addition, he is a skilled surveillance operator and crisis commander. Neil has extensive experience working globally, and has liaised with a number of foreign governments, foreign intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Prior to joining red24 in 2004, Neil spent six years as Head of Corporate Security Operations for Orange Group, where he was responsible for the planning and implementation of their global security operations, including executive protection, crisis management and corporate incident response.

Claire Harris MCIPD

Head of Travel Services and Business Support

Claire Harris is the Head of Travel Services and Business Support responsible to the CEO and Board for Human Resources Management across the group and for the development and growth of the Travel Risk Management department. She is a qualified HR professional, a chartered member of the CIPD with a Masters in HR Management and a BA (Hons) in Development Studies.

Prior to joining red24 in 2008, Claire gained extensive experience in business development, marketing and procurement within the public and private sectors, predominantly within the technology industry. Claire manages the Travel Risk business development team and is responsible for sales, marketing, product development and ensuring the products meet the needs of the clients.

Sarah Spolander

Crisis Response Management Centre Director

Sarah Spolander is the Crisis Response Management Centre (CRM) Director, responsible for running red24’s operational hub in Cape Town, South Africa. She has over 12 years experience in management and coordination, working in both red24's London and Cape Town offices. She holds a degree in Political Science and successfully completed the Institute of Directors (IoD) Accelerated Directorship Programme.

Sarah has worked in various roles including intelligence, sales and marketing support, project management and established the dedicated customer services department. She has a strong understanding of client expectations and matches these with quality fulfilment and service delivery. Sarah is responsible for developing the growth and strategy of the CRM, where the expertise of analysts, crisis support, customer services and IT departments come together to provide advice, support and response assistance to our clients.

Nayana Bharti

Head of Communications and Assistant Company Secretary

Nayana Bharti is Head of Communications and the Assistant Company Secretary reporting to the Chairman and the Board. She is responsible for red24’s corporate governance and compliance matters ensuring relevant legislations and regulations are implemented and maintained/updated. She is a qualified Solicitor and has over 25 years’ experience working in various company secretarial roles.

Prior to joining red24 in 2012 she was Head of Company Secretariat at a leading financial and administrative outsourcing company serving mainly the financial services sector. She gained extensive experience in business development and management leading a highly skilled secretarial team which serviced public and private companies.

Global Response Team

red24 has a worldwide team of some 400 strategically placed security experts. The specialists are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds, including law enforcement, the military, corporate security and the intelligence services, and have considerable knowledge and experience of their operating region. This multi-disciplinary, global network of security experts enables red24 to select the team with the most appropriate skill set to resolve your crisis.

Special Risks Team

red24’s retained Special Risks team is currently made up of members based in the US, South America, Mexico, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK. Our multilingual team comprises some of the highest calibre kidnap and extortion experts in the world. Each with an average of over 15 years’ experience in this field, they have an in-depth understanding of ransom and extortion negotiation tactics and how they differ across different cultures and continents.

red24assist Team

Our consultants all have proven experience within their fields of operation. Their expertise covers areas such as food, toy, pharmaceutical and electrical product safety; crisis management, crisis communications and PR; malicious tampering, as well as extortion consultancy and investigation. red24assist's consultants can be made available immediately, assisting remotely if required or preferred, or consulting in person within the company's crisis management team (CMT). The consultants provide a readily available source of information, knowledge and experience, assisting the CMT throughout the incident and beyond.

UK Action Response Team

The UK Action Response Team is a dedicated team of experienced security professionals tasked with responding to your UK-based security crises. These individuals are all former detectives within the UK law enforcement apparatus and have substantial experience in dealing with serious crimes. They are also experts in dealing with victims of crime and vulnerable witnesses. Our specialists have backgrounds in investigating complex fraud cases, cybercrime, kidnap for ransom, extortion, product contamination and other serious crimes. The response specialists are also adept at dealing with investigations at both the national and international levels and are skilled in the methods of covert policing, enabling them to carry out proactive confidential investigations of a complex nature.