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TravelKit app

As part of our ongoing endeavour to enhance our travel safety services and create user-friendly and technologically enhanced platforms, we have developed our latest app, TravelKit.

The mobile phone has become an essential tool for business travellers – often being the key device for checking email, searching online and making contact with colleagues and family; this app is a complete travel tool kit on your phone.

Using geolocation to ensure information is relevant to your location, TravelKit provides a range of features to ensure travellers are always aware of risks in their destination and have key information at hand to reduce and mitigate any potential threats.

Key features include:

  • Country intelligence, including risk ratings, travel advisories, political and security concerns, travel logistics, cultural factors, and health information.
  • Safety, security and travel-related alerts specific to your location.
  • Call an emergency hotline from within the app.
  • Location-based weather reports and forecasts, the local currency and dialling codes.
  • Create itineraries.
  • A pre-trip checklist, and feature to store travel documents and passport information.
  • Local emergency numbers.
  • An interactive map of your location, showing safe havens, such as hospitals and police stations.