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High Net Worth (HNW) risk solutions

red24 and RISQ Worldwide have a developed track record and methodology specifically designed for the particular needs of High Net Worth individuals and families. By accurately profiling the specific risks to individuals and their immediate and extended families, we custom design a package of services and solutions to mitigate and lessen those risks on an ongoing and 24-hour basis.

Services provided to High Net Worth individuals and families, delivered with complete confidentiality and around-the-clock availability, include:

  • VIP and close protection, including trained security drivers
  • Security advice regarding residences, offices and other premises used or visited
  • Specific briefings and individual assessments for family members
  • Internal and sensitive investigation of any concerns facing individuals or families
  • IT security for all individual, family and business interests, including PDAs, smartphones and tablet computers such as iPads
  • Selection and vetting of all staff
  • Due diligence on all potential business deals and partners
  • Crisis management
  • Aviation and maritime security
  • Emergency response
  • Problem solving
  • Other services as required