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GlobalAssist is a SOS notification application for mobile phones. It provides responsive and proactive risk mitigation services and is a vital tool for safety-conscious institutions and companies.

The product combines a mobile phone app and a monitoring dashboard. Should a staff member, employee or student find themselves in a life threatening situation they can activate the emergency SOS button on the app; the monitoring dashboard picks up the signal and alerts relevant parties. This can be a corporate security team or red24’s Crisis Response Management (CRM) Centre, which operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week, year round.

When the SOS button is initiated, various streams of data, including the user’s exact location, are immediately delivered to the crisis support team. The app will then continue to send updated data at set intervals. Pre-approved procedures can then be initiated to resolve the concern, or in a worse-case scenario, the data can be used to assist responders.

The app also provides a digital ‘check-in’ facility that can be monitored via the operational dashboard, and a feature that allows users to call a pre-loaded emergency telephone number with the touch of a button.

The monitoring platform allows support staff a host of features for keeping track of personnel. A global map interface can show all active users across the world, the red24 risk rating of those countries and the travellers’ status. Easily definable searches can also be run to see the status of travelling personnel.

(screenshot of app on phone)

(screenshot of the monitoring dashboard)