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Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and businesses are becoming more and more reliant on information systems. red24 understands that businesses are continually working towards ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data. However, criminals are developing new techniques to exploit technical vulnerabilities in an effort to steal intellectual property or customer data and for extortion purposes.

Responding to a cybercrime incident requires specialised equipment and the latest investigative techniques. At red24 our team of specialist consultants can provide you with this level of expertise. In addition to response services, red24 provides pre-incident services such as penetration testing and gap analysis surveys. As established crisis management responders, we know from experience that resolving the technical aspects of this type of incident is only one part of the solution; thus, we also use our expertise to provide guidance on reputational risk management and media enquiries that inevitably follow a data breech.

Our services

  • Pre-binding assessments

  • Gap analysis reviews

  • Penetration testing

  • Crisis simulation exercises

  • Client presentations

  • Internal briefings

  • Broker briefings

  • Bespoke reports

  • Co-branded Cybercrime Quarterly Newsletter

  • Crisis PR training and response

The vast majority of organisations have established security procedures and invested in software and hardware to protect against cyber attacks. This activity is absolutely crucial and ideally mitigates the risks that were prevalent when such procedures were introduced. However, the cybercrime threat is continually evolving, making it essential to review these measures on a regular basis. These reviews should be carried out internally, with the support and assistance of external cybercrime consultants on an annual basis.

At red24 our team of specialists are available to discuss your requirements and if necessary, conduct a review of your preventative measures. Following the review, our specialists will discuss their findings and then produce a report with recommendations and potential solutions for identified vulnerabilities. For more information, contact us at cyber@red24.com.