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How it works

Crisis Response Management (CRM) Centre

The heart of our client support is conducted by red24’s 24/7 operations hub: the Crisis Response Management (CRM) Centre. The centre is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by a dedicated team of multilingual customer service representatives, regional analysts and experienced security experts. The CRM is housed in a state-of-the-art facility where high-end technology complements around-the-clock intelligence feeds. This enables our analysts and security experts to provide accurate, impartial, up-to-the-minute information and advice to our clients.

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Consultancy Services

The global recession pushed many organisations to consider expanding their operational footprint into emerging markets. The continued safety and protection of travelling employees and those on international assignments is often a key consideration when adopting this strategy, and red24 has provided advice and support to a number of clients to facilitate this change.

Our solutions have included corporate reports based on country risks, travel policies and protocol, evacuation procedures and crisis management plans, procedures and training. As well as these ‘traditional’ consultancy services, red24 also caters to those clients focusing on the security of data and intangible assets; we offer the support required to protect information security systems and can assist with a crisis communications strategy to protect a brand as part of a contingency plan.

These are some of our consultancy services:

Advice Support Response
Website In-depth Risk Assessment Reports Evacuations
Travel Safety Alerts Crisis Response Scenarios Check-in service
Daily News TravelTracker Crisis Management
Travel Safety Reports Crisis Management Training Investigations
24/7 hotline and escalation service Contingency Planning Close Protection
Traveller Training Security Reviews

Special Risks

Complex crises and risks demand expert advice, support and resolution. Our Special Risks team consists of more than 18 highly experienced consultants based worldwide. They are each experts in their field, possessing substantial knowledge on local conditions, modus operandi and kidnap profiles.

The team is managed by Jack Cloonan, former FBI Special Agent on the New York bin Laden squad. He has managed more than 145 kidnapping cases while working in the corporate sector.

We put an emphasis on mitigating risks and offer our services through our global team of specialists. Services include:

Advice Support Response
Website In-depth Risk Assessment Reports Evacuations
Travel Safety Alerts Crisis Response Scenarios Check-in service
Travel Safety Reports TravelTracker Crisis Management
24/7 hotline and escalation service Crisis Management Training Close Protection
KRE bi-monthly newsletter, KRE Global Monitor Contingency Planning

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red24assist is red24’s product recall and food safety business unit.

A product recall is never an easy task for a company: many factors are involved when investigating a possible contamination and the situation can become overwhelming and difficult. Not only can a product recall bring immediate financial loss but, depending on the severity of the situation, can mean loss of reputation and future business.

Through a worldwide team of specialist consultants, we deliver a wide range of food and product safety services. We’re certified by CIEH, RSPH and International HACCP Alliance to conduct their food safety courses and the expertise of our team ranges from toy safety and pharmaceutical consultancy to malicious product tamper and engineering expertise.

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RISQ Worldwide

red24 completed the acquisition of RISQ Worldwide on 1 July 2015, providing red24 with an established presence in the Asia market and allowing red24 to seek to develop and expand RISQ Worldwide’s suite of services to red24's global client base. Michael Haughey, the former CEO of RISQ Worldwide, is now the Head of Corporate Investigations for red24, head of red24 business in Asia Pacific, and continues to head RISQ Worldwide, which is now part of red24.

The firm has a successful track record and extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Corporate Investigations
  • Business intelligence
  • Employment background screening
  • FCPA and Bribery Act Compliance
  • Forensics and IT Security
  • Crisis and Security Management
  • Risk solutions for High Net Worth (HNW) individuals and families

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Travel Safety Services

Our Business to Business to Consumer arrangements offer flexible, customer-oriented solutions and proven value for high volumes.

Our products are highly relevant to a broad range of retail customer bases and provide high value at cost-effective rates. Packages are tailored to suit the specific needs of clients and their customers.

Some of the services suitable for the retail sector include:

Advice Support Response
Website Identity theft and fraud assistance Evacuations
Travel Safety Alerts Personal safety and security support Investigations
Daily News Security Reviews Travel Safety Reports
24/7 hotline and escalation service

Similarly, our services have the ability to compliment accident and health insurance policies, essentially mirroring the medical support and assistance model in the provision of safety and security assistance.

Some of the services suitable for the A&H sector are:

Advice Support Response
Website Identity theft and fraud assistance Evacuations
Travel Safety Alerts TravelTracker
Travel Safety Report 24/7 hotline and escalation service