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Corporate Social Responsibility

The red24 brand and our corporate values are the key to our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our CSR strategy is focused on the following key issues:

Business Ethics

The Board is committed to maintaining high ethical standards across the group and expect the same commitment from our staff, customers and suppliers. Our reputation is vital to our continued business success and we do not tolerate any form of bribery, corruption or fraud. We have anti-bribery policies in place of which all employees are made aware when they join as well as through the group intranet and through training.

Employee engagement

The Board recognise that our employees are fundamental to our success. As a professional services business we have a highly skilled workforce who assist in delivering our strategic objectives. The Board aim to ensure that there are equal opportunities for all employees and that decisions affecting employees are taken based on merit and not on such factors as race, gender, nationality or religious beliefs. In South Africa there are legislative requirements that expect the workforce to be reflective of the mix of peoples in the Western Cape. The board regularly monitor progress towards this. Many of the group's employees have become shareholders through the share loan scheme. In 2013 an employee benefit trust was created and the Board intend that the trust will acquire shares to satisfy staff share awards made as part of a longer term incentive scheme. The remaining step will be to create a new, approved, Enterprise Management Incentive Scheme open to all qualifying staff. The optional defined contribution pension schemes, introduced in 2012, for all staff based in either South Africa or the United Kingdom, are being taken up by an increasing proportion of staff.

Health and safety

The Board are committed to providing a safe workplace for all our staff and to ensure that our services are provided in a way that delivers our services safely for clients and staff, including contractors. Responsibility for health and safety rests with the Chief Executive.


The Board monitor staffing requirements to ensure that staffing is regularly reviewed and appropriate plans put into place to ensure we retain and develop the necessary levels of skills and take action where needed. We monitor and work to minimise our impact on the environment and work to minimise our impact. We measure our carbon footprint and work to reduce it.

Community engagement

red24 established a charity committee in 2007, "Project Infundo", which means education. Through the work of this committee we support educational initiatives.